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Parnaiba River, Brazil, 1984

             On September 23rd, 1984, Jose Morais da Silva, nicknamed Ze Cosmo, had gone fishing in the wide Parnaiba River with his ten year old son. About 6:30 PM they saw a pulsing light as bright as lightning, far away from them. At about * PM the same thing happened again, this time directly over the river. Fearfully, Cosmo clambered up the river bank to wake his sleeping son. Once he got there, it began to rain and the light disappeared. Cosmo went back to the river to resume fishing while his son remained on the bank.
                 As he was in the water up to his waist, he suddenly saw that a powerful light was behind him. It was about sixty feet above the bank, illuminating a large area. Cosmo went back to his son who was at the foot of a tree. He got down low on the ground to watch the object as it periodically expanded and receded, sometimes shrinking to a star-like point.
                 At 10 PM the light moved to a different place on the bank, down the river on the path they would have to follow to return home. Then it moved to the other side of the river, where other fishermen were located. It changed to a bright red color and danced, oscillating over the water. Cosmo heard the fishermen yell and saw them run away.
                 The object remained at the same spot until 4 AM, when it rose above them making a sound  like the dynamo that generates current on a bicycle. “ The thing went back and forth over the river shining a beam in our direction, ” said Cosmo, “ but we were still hiding in the stream under the rock. We had covered ourselves with palm leaves. It landed in the sand above us. We heard something like a car door slammed shut. We also heard voices but we could not understand the language. At 6 AM it went away and we found large footprints where it had landed.”
                 Cosmo relates that when the beam of light hit him he could not open his eyes and he felt immense pain. He became dizzy. The pain has not gone away in the passing years. It comes over him every day, starting with the head, then the legs and hips. He gets numbness in his fingers, pricklings. He has to massage his hands to regain the feeling. When this occurs he cannot continue working. Sometimes he cannot even pick up a spoon.
                 Cosmo is part of a people who have never heard of Close Encounters, Steven Spielberg or The X-Files. They fish and they hunt. At night the countryside is perfectly dark.

                                                  In 1977, a wave of UFO activity took place around the islands of Colares and Mosqueiro. It was so intense that all the people able to leave evacuated Colares. At one point the activity took place every evening for three months. When the wave of reports, with medical injuries, flooded in, the federal government sent in a military team to observe, but not to interfere. Forty men in all, including biologists, chemists, physicists and medical doctors moved in, loaded with equipment. Over the weeks they collected numerous photographs, movie films and tape recordings. They compiled a thick report from a wealth of physical data, which was sent to higher authorities in Brasilia, where it disappeared completely.                                   

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