The Story Of:

Angela Shine

            An eerie occurrence in the summer of 1942 had great similarity to many modern day abduction or contactee experiences. The witness was known only by the name ‘Bernard’ and the location was also withheld to protect his identity.
Aged about 11 or 12 at the time, Bernard was with a girl named Angela Shine. They were playing on a hillside when, as Bernard describes it, “for the first and only time in my life I felt a sense of complete peace come over me.” They were lying on the grass, but were not asleep, when a man’s voice interrupted them, saying “Here they are.”  The children sat up and saw two men who, in the course of their conversation, often spoke to each other in a strange way.
Bernard describes the men as being very good looking and they exuded a feeling of peace and tranquility. The men asked the children not to tell others that this meeting had transpired, and also promised that they would see the children again. When asked where they came from, one of the men, looking skyward, answered “I come from a long way away.” The children were then told to go to sleep and were aided in this by a brilliant light and heat that surrounded them, after which they may have slept before they set off for home.
When they got home the children believed that they had been away for a couple of hours. However, they had caused considerable consternation by being gone one whole day and night. Both Bernard and Angela noticed that they had identical bluish puncture marks on their elbows, much like those commonly reported in modern abductee cases. As well, the missing time factor is one of the principle indicators of altered state experiences, also commonly reported in many modern day cases.
Certainly, much light could be shed on this case if Angela Shine would come forward and meet with Bernard and well known UFO investigator Jenny Randles, to whom Bernard told his story.                                   


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