While Dylan Grew Whiskers is a collection of ten songs that meshed themselves together into CD form in 1996. The tunes were recorded at various intervals between 1976 and 1996. The oldest of the pieces was recorded when my eldest son Dylan was just two years of age, and the most recently recorded song on the CD was put to tape when he was 22 years old. Thus, the title, While Dylan Grew Whiskers.

This was not, however, the originally intended format for the CD. In the beginning it was to be a ‘ concept’ album entitled Saucers. Saucers was a collection of nine original tunes from a musical project that I had developed dealing with the various aspects of the UFO phenomena. This was an exciting, albeit touchy topic that had increased in popularity with the advent of the X-Files etc. It was a subject that had intrigued me for many years. I was particularly interested in the ‘ mind game ’ element of it that, when a thin layer was peeled back, always seemed to expose a sinister governmental / militaristic involvement just below the surface. At any rate, that is a project to be left for another day.

After four of the Saucers tunes had been completed, my budget had whittled itself down to nothing, which effectively scuttled the project in that form. This necessitated a change in plans if the CD was to be completed. Searching through my vaults I discovered that I had certain tunes available to me that had been recorded over the years but had not previously been released to the masses ( except for Funeral from the Grey Lord album ). In this way I was able then to put together a full album of rather diverse tunes which gave birth to - While Dylan Grew Whiskers.