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Goin' round all virgin words
that one day made her smile.
Turnin' down each flock and herd
forever or awhile, that one day
made her smile.

Borderline called out her name ‘til
nightingales crowed.
Satan's hand reached out and drew the colors from her bow. White to black in Buffalo

Rawhide, baby
felt like velvet in the night
Rawhide maybe
felt like velvet in the night.
Turned to sack-cloth in the light

Buffalo Boy...

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Music and Lyrics - Jeff White
Vocals - Jeff White
Guitar - Jeff White
Keyboards - Jack Lenz
Violins - Adelle and Otto Armin
Cello - Dick Armin
Bass guitar - Mike Snook
Drums - Bob DeSalle
Producer - Eugene Martynec
Engineer - Ken Friesen
Recorded at Eastern Sound Studios in
Toronto , Canada in 1976

Words and music
by Jeff White © 1995