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Cascade Mountains, 1947

On Tuesday, June 24th, 1947, Kenneth Arnold, a respected businessman from Boise, Idaho, took off from the airport in Chehalis in a Piper Cub bound for Yakima and Seattle on one of his routine business trips.
                He was skirting the spent crater of Mount Rainier, in the snow-capped Cascades, when a sudden flash on his left attracted his attention; nine silvery objects appeared in the characteristic form of an inverted plate and they traveled in what was obviously supersonic speed. At the center of each object, he noted, was a sort of shining cupola. Perhaps noticing the presence of an intruder, the nine discs formed an echelon and took off toward the Canadian border.
                 Later, when interviewed by reporters, Arnold explained that the motion of the craft could best be described as that of saucers skipping across the surface of a lake. Hearing that, one of the reporters, Bill Bequette, coined the term ‘flying saucer ’.
                 In the days following the Arnold sighting, and in some cases preceding it, newspapers were swamped with reports of mysterious overflights. Across the Western Hemisphere the age of the flying saucer had begun.

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