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Exeter , Massachusetts, 1965

             At 2:24 AM on Sept. 23rd, 1965, Norman Muscarello plunged into the Exeter police station in a state of near shock. He blurted out his unbelievable story to an on duty police officer, Scratch Toland.
             He had been hitchhiking on route 150 from Amesbury, Massachusetts, to his home in Exeter. The traffic was sparse so he was forced to walk most of the way. By two that morning he reached Kensington. Near an open field, between two houses, the “Thing” as he called it, came out of the sky directly towards him. It was as big or bigger than a house, 80 to 90 feet in diameter, with brilliant, pulsing red lights around an apparent rim. It wobbled, yawed and floated towards him. It made no noise whatsoever. When it seemed as though it were going to hit him he dove down onto the shallow shoulder of the road. He ran to a nearby house and started pounding on the door, screaming. There was no answer. At that moment a car came by. He ran to the middle of the road waving his arms frantically. A middle aged couple drove him to the Exeter police station.
             Officer Toland, puzzled at first, was impressed with Muscarello’s sincerity. He kicked on the police radio and called in Cruiser # 21. Within 5 minutes patrolman Eugene Bertrand pulled into the station. An hour or so before, about two miles out of Exeter, he had come across a car parked on the bypass, a lone woman at the wheel. She had difficulty keeping her composure while she reported that a huge, silent, airborne object had trailed her closely – only a few feet from her car – all the way from the town of Epping, a distance of twelve miles. It had brilliant red flashing lights. It suddenly took off at tremendous speed and disappeared among the stars.
              It was nearly 3 AM when patrolman Bertrand, still trying to calm Muscarello, arrived back at the field along route 150. The night was clear, visibility unlimited. There was no wind and the stars were brilliant.
              Bertrand and Muscarello walked down the sloping field in the dark. About one hundred yards away from the roadside was a corral, where the horses of the Carl Dining farm were kept. As Bertrand turned his back to the corral to shine his flashlight on the tree line to the north, the horses at the Dining farm began to kick and whinny and bat at the sides of the barn and fence. Dogs in the area began to howl.
             Bertrand reeled and looked toward the trees beyond the corral. Rising slowly, without a sound, from behind two tall pines was a brilliant roundish object. It came toward them like a leaf fluttering from a tree, wobbling and yawing as it moved. The entire area was bathed in brilliant red. The white sides of Cart Dining’s salt box house turned blood red. Bertrand reached for his 38, then thought better of it and shoved it back in its holster. Concerned about infrared rays and radiation, he grabbed Muscarello and yanked him toward the cruiser. Under the half protection of the cruiser roof they watched the object hover. It was rocking back and forth on its axis, absolutely silent. The pulsating red lights seemed to dim from right to left, then from left to right. It hovered there noiselessly, one hundred feet from the ground, for several minutes. Then slowly, it began to move away eastward toward Hampton. Its movement was erratic, defying all conventional aerodynamic patterns.
              Patrolman David Hunt had heard the radio conversations between Bertrand and officer Toland at the desk, and had scrambled out to the scene inn cuiser # 20. “I could see the fluttering movement,” he said. “It was going from left to right between the tops of two big trees. I could see the pulsating lights and hear the horses kicking in the barn. The dogs were howling. Then it started moving slowly across the tree tops. It was rocking when it did this. A creepy type of look. Airplanes don’t do this. It moved out of sight toward Hampton.”
               Within moments after the object slid over the trees and out of sight, Toland took a call at the desk from an Exeter night operator. “She was all excited,” said Toland. “Some man had called her from a phone booth in Hampton. He was hysterical. He said that a flying saucer had come right at him. “

                 For a period of months, from September 1965 and into early 1966, well over a hundred documented reports of UFO sightings were made in Exeter and area, by every strata of society. There are as yet no serious explanations; they remain unidentified.                 

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