Adele Armin played with the Toronto Symphony Orchestra and the Armin String Quartet at the time of the Grey Lord recording. She has performed with such greats as Glenn Gould and Arthur Fiedler. She has also branched out from her classical roots to perform with popular artists like Loreena McKennitt, Blue Rodeo, Moe Koffman and Anne Murray.
Adele performs with her brothers Richard and Otto on Jef's’s tunes Merchant Of Shiraz, Buffalo Boy and Grey Lord.

Otto Armin has an impressive and extensive background in classical performance as a soloist with numerous Canadian symphony orchestras and has given many recitals in Europe. He was first concertmaster with the Hamburg Philharmonic in 1977. As first violinist with the Armin Electric Strings he played on many recordings including the song ‘ One Tree Hill ’ on U2’s The Joshua Tree.
He perform’s here on Jef White’s Merchant of Shiraz, Buffalo Boy and the title track Grey Lord.

Cellist Richard Armin, a former member of Lighthouse and an original member of the Canadian cast of The Phantom of the Opera, provides exceptional work on Merchant of Shiraz, Buffalo Boy and Grey Lord.

Rhonda Baker’s harp delicately enhances both Jubal and Funeral on the Grey Lord album. This talented harpist was a performer with the Toronto Ballet Orchestra.

Michael Craydon, percussionist extraordinaire and early member of the famed percussion group Nexus uses a plethora of instruments to lend intricate and colorful work to Tahirih.

Canadian drummer Bob Disalle is internationally experienced having performed and toured with such diverse artists as Chuck Mangione, Bob Hope, Valdy and Lisa Dalbelo. He also spent some years touring and recording with Bruce Cockburn and Roger Whittaker. His immense talent gives the Grey Lord album a steady pulse from beginning to end.

Very much in demand, Ken Friesen was the engineer for the Grey Lord album. His work has been rewarded with Juno Awards for engineering recordings for such artists as Bruce Cockburn, Anne Murray and The Boss Brass. He has also worked extensively with Canadian music icon Gordon Lightfoot.

Well known Canadian pianist / arranger / producer and conductor Jack Lenz has worked with artists too myriad to mention - Loggins & Messina, Anne Murray, Buffy St. Marie, Dan Hill, Seals & Crofts to name just a few. He also was the musical director for the popular TV show Due South and bandleader and arranger for the Gemini Awards Show.
Jack was co-arranger and performed on almost all the Grey Lord album tunes.

Eugene Martynec is known for his production work with such artists as Bruce Cockburn and Carole Pope. He won a Juno Award for his work with both in 1981. He is a guitarist / keyboard player who, at the time of the Grey Lord recording, was a sideman for Murray MacLauchlan with The Silver Tractors. He is primarily known today for his groundbreaking work as an Electronic Musician. He plays a nasty electric guitar on Merchant of Shiraz.

Ben Mink, multi-talented instrumentalist / producer has performed on recordings from Stringband to Rush. His musical partnership with k.d. lang scored him a Grammy Award as co-writer of Constant Craving, which in a strange twist led to co-writing credit’s for Ben and k.d. on The Rolling Stone’s Anybody Seen My Baby. He has also produced the rock group Barenaked Ladies.
Ben’s electric violin on Jef White’s The Ugly Truth is a standout.

As well as being a musician / composer, Michael Snook has been a film producer and is presently CEO of WestWind Pictures. He was with the Canadian Broadcasting Corporation for over 15 years and was director of radio for CBC Sakatchewan. He developed the series What On Earth that was broadcast nationally on the CBC for 595 episodes. He is presently an executive producer for the immensely popular Little Mosque on the Prairie.
He played bass guitars and celesta on the Grey Lord album and was also co-arranger.

Nancy Ward-Bartlett ( Nancy Ward ) has shared the stage with such artists as Gordon Lightfoot and Liona Boyd. She is a multi-instrumentalist who has played with Sylvia Tyson and The Ian Thomas Band. She has released many of her own beautifully crafted songs - Someone To Love Me produced by Francois Dompiere and To The Planters Of Trees produced by Jack Lenz. She has more than once been compared to Piaf because of her emotional intensity and a stunning three octave voice. Those talents are well showcased on the Grey Lord album with performances on Tahirih, Merchant of Shiraz and Charlie ( It Was September ).