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If money was love
a lonely man I'd be.
Happy, just to see you smile.
Happy, 'cause its so worthwhile.
Puts a different style in love.

Happy, with you
I know I'm not alone.
Knowing where I'm going to go.
Wanting everyone to know.
Dying just to show them how.

I had a friend.
He became a full time joker.
I had a girl.

Don't you know the jokers broke her.
Cried so long and hard
‘til the tears couldn't come no more.
If I ever cry again it’s for them,
not for me like before.

‘Cause I'm happy with you
to show me where I stand.
Something shining from inside.
Something skim and bones can't hide.
Shining from inside of you.

Happy! Happy!

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Music and lyrics - Jef White
Vocals - Jef White
Guitar - Jef White
Bass guitar - Mike Snook
Producer - Eugene Martynec
Engineer - Ken Friesen
Recorded at Eastern Sound Studios in
Toronto, Canada in 1976

Words and music
by Jef White © 1995