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I am a leaf that has been blown
by the world-creating wind.
I have come to bring a message
to the sainted and the sinned.

Merchant of Shiraz
sell to me
whatever the future holds.
Now that You've rolled the drum
and the Announcement's done.

Will there be trophies
wall to wall ?
Will we be hangmans' food ?
Cherubs or felons ?
Kid gloves or talons ?
Ounces or gallons -
what will the balance be?

Not that it matters
much to me.
Not that my body cares.
But leave us a map for soon
they will trap You .
Cut at your roots
and then they will shoot you down.

Six years spent in service
left me with a nerve of steel.
Now this storm is highest
give me hands to hold the wheel.

Silence fell
and the crowd went home.
Gunsmoke blurring
an "Endless Poem."

Glory's Gone!

The world turned back from
the "Once Again"
of peace on earth
and good will towards men.

Glory's Gone

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Music and lyrics - Jeff White
Vocals - Jeff White and Nancy Ward
Acoustic guitar - Jeff White
Electric guitar - Eugene Martynec
Keyboards - Jack Lenz
Drums - Bob DeSalle
Violins - Adelle and Otto Armin
Cello - Dick Armin
Producer - Eugene Martynec
Engineer - Ken Friesen
Recorded at Eastern Sound Studios in
Toronto , Canada in 1976

Words and music
by Jeff White © 1995