Saucers - While Dylan Grew Whiskers - Lyrics
Jef White

Something in the heavens
changed my life forever.
Something that I saw.

It looked like a saucer
skipped across the water.
Skimming over the Cascades.
Shimmering in the sun.

(something that I saw)
(something that I saw)

Silver suited pilots
flashing through the sky.
A ghost before my eyes!
American sci-fi.



I think of them for hours,
wondering at their power.
I'm certain Eisenhower
surely feels the same.

(something that I saw)
(something that I saw)

I know what I saw



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Music and Lyrics: Jef White
Vocals: Jef White & Mark Hussey
Produced and arranged by: Jef White
Programming and engineering by: Wayne Taylor and Mark Hussey
Recorded at Renaissance Productions in Wingham, ON Canada in 1995

Words and music
by Jef White © 1995