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Once in a land of oriental flavor
a mystic lady
breathed behind her veil.
Writing the strangest
universal pictures.
Born of the greatest universal tale

She had a voice.
She wanted men to hear it.
She had a face.
She wanted to be seen.
She had a soul
that titled her Tahirih.
She had an Israel
waiting to be freed.

"I have a tongue"
announced the black-eyed beauty,
lifting her veil
against her mothers' law.
"I have two lips
as wise as any sages.
They'll never touch
the sandals of the Shah."

"A foolish stand.
To take it like a man.
Its high above the station
that you hold.
Your life's in vain.
Your death shall be the same.
The fools will see their error
when you're cold.”

"I see my goal.
I'll take it like a soul.
My death shall be the meaning
of their lives.
And you shall see
the purpose that I breed.
Your servants now will later
be your wives."


"Off with your veils!"
bade the black-eyed beauty.
"Off with her head!"
the dignitaries cried.
"Kill me as soon as you will"
the spirit whispered.
"You'll never kill
the future in my eyes"

Once in a land of oriental flavor
a mystic lady
lay behind her veil.
Born of the greatest universal picture.
Part of the greatest universal tale.

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Music and lyrics - Jef White
Vocals - Jef White and Nancy Ward
Guitar - Jef White
Piano - Jack Lenz
Percussion - Michael Craydon
Bass guitar - Mike Snook
Producer - Eugene Martynec
Engineer - Ken Friesen
Recorded at Eastern Sound Studios in
Toronto , Canada in 1976

Words and music
by Jef White © 1995