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Red ochre faces
blend into the woodland
where the deerfence
runs down to the shore.
From the glade
steps the legion of the long spear.
Mighty stags tumble
to the forest floor.

Copper-skin princesses
run with the children
as the deer slayers appear
on the hill.
And tonight they will chant
in jubilation
as the braves
weave a legend of the kill.

Maple smoke drifts
in a mist on the river
as the night pulls them
under her wing.
But a stranger lies
anchored in the harbour.
Blue-eyed tribe
from a far and mighty king.
What do they bring?
Once we walked down
to the banks of the river
and we danced
with a brass-buttoned man.
And we placed in his hand
the headless arrow.
And he told us
his ships would come again--
our brass-buttoned friend.

When the season returned
we went back to the waters
and we looked out
for Whittington's sails.
But they came with the thunder
of the cannon;
and we vanished
into the island trails.
His promise had failed.

We are the people
who sprang from the arrow
that the Great Spirit
lodged in the ground.
Many seasons will our spirits
dwell among you;
‘til the wisdom
of the arrow
shall be found.
It shall be found.

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Music and Lyrics by: Jef White
Vocals: Jef White and Ana Coutinho
Acoustic and Electric Guitars: Jef White
Bass Guitar: Kim Ladd
Drums: Manny Hussey
Engineering and Programming: Mark Hussey and Wayne Taylor
Produced and Arranged by: Jef White

Words and music
by Jef White © 1995