Popular session drummer Jon Anderson has been the drummer for Canadian Rock Bands Fludd and Honeymoon Suite.
On While Dylan Grew Whiskers his drums provide the heartbeat for World’s Only Mother, Prisoner of Dreams, and China Dance.

Guido Basso is an internationally renowned trumpeter and a Canadian jazz legend. This extraordinary horn player has backed up such names as Tony Bennett, Sammy Davis Junior and Vic Damone.
On World’s Only Mother and Prisoner of Dreams he teams with Russ Little and Moe Koffman to provide an exciting horn section.

As well as being an arranger, conductor and producer, Peter Cardinali is a sought after studio session bass player. He has worked for such artists as Jesse Cook, Anne Murray, Rik Emmett, and is a mainstay with The Boomers. He was the 1997 recipient of the Juno Award for producer of the year. He provides the perfect bottom for China Dance.

David Dobbs, respected sound engineer, presided over the recording of World’s Only Mother and Prisoner of Dreams at Toronto Yonge Street CBC Studios.

Rich Dodson is singer/guitarist and songwriter from the famous Canadian rock group The Stampeders, best known for their huge hit Sweet City Woman which garnered numerous Juno Awards. Rich has also been a producer/arranger for many well known artists, not the least of whom is Alannis Morisette, at his Marigold Studios in Toronto. He provides his engineering skills to the ballad China Dance on the While Dylan Grew Whiskers CD.

Michael ‘Pepi’ Francis is widely recognized as a guitar player’s guitar player and a popular session man in Toronto. He plays an acoustic steel string on China Dance.

Ken Friesen has been rewarded with Juno Awards for engineering recordings for such artists as Bruce Cockburn, Anne Murray, and The Boss Brass. He has also worked extensively with Canadian music icon Gordon Lightfoot. He was engineer for Funeral and co-engineer for Jef’s ballad Child Dance on the While Dylan Grew Whiskers CD.

Mark Hussey is bass player/vocalist with the contemporary rock group Boy in December (formerly State of Blake) out of Huron County, Ontario. He is also the owner/director of Thyme Square Media and was the engineer for While Dylan Grew Whiskers, The Red Arrow and soon to be released Ol’ Crazy Half Moon Wheel. He plays harmonica on Incident at Exeter and adds his vocal talents to Saucers. For more on Mark and Boy in December visit their website at www.boyindecember.com.

Barry Keane has long been recognized as a consummate drummer/percussionist. Once a mainstay as a Gordon Lightfoot sideman, he has also worked with the likes of Stan Rogers, Susan Aglukark, Alice Cooper and Bachman-Turner Overdrive. He lends his percussive talent on conga drums in World’s Only Mother.

Richard Knechtel plays fretless Godin bass on Ze Cosmo and Angie Shine. He is a songwriter and recording artist. As well as performing as a solo entertainer, he is a front man for a folk quartet, a country trio and a dance band. He is perhaps best recognized as the successful children’s entertainer Dickie Bird.

No introduction is needed for the late Moe Koffman, perhaps Canada’s best known jazz artist. His songs have been recorded by such artists as Natalie Cole, Count Basie, and Oscar Peterson. He provides beautiful flute work in Prisoner of Dreams and trades some hot licks with Guido Basso in World’s Only Mother.

Roger Lee is a very highly regarded singer/songwriter and visual artist based in Vancouver. His indie CD There to Here won great media praise and the lead track “Tiny Cup Big Ocean” won First Prize in Songs From the Heart competition sponsored by Socan and The Ontario Council of Folk Festivals in 1997. He performs the lead vocal on An Incident in Exeter and Ze Cosmo on While Dylan Grew Whiskers. Also - Lancer & Lace on the soon to be released Ol’ Crazy Half Moon Wheel. For more on Roger check out www.rogrlee.com.

Well known Canadian pianist/arranger/producer and conductor Jack Lenz has worked with artists too myriad to mention – Loggins & Messina, Anne Murray, Buffy St. Marie, Dan Hill, Seals and Crofts to name just a few. He also was the musical director for the popular TV show Due South and bandleader and arranger for the Gemini Awards Show. He was producer, co-arranger and keyboard player on China Dance.

Russ Little has been described as the secret weapon of the Canadian music scene. Acknowledged as one of the top trombonists of the world, his early career found him in the employ of such giants as Woody Herman and Count Basie. He has appeared with jazz legends Louis Armstrong, Lena Horne, and B.B. King. His compositional and conducting skills have been utilized by the likes of Tony Bennett, Bill Cosby and Mel Torme. He supplies smooth horn work on both World’s Only Mother and Prisoner of Dreams.

Eugene Martynec is known for his production work with such artists as Bruce Cockburn and Carole Pope. He won a Juno Award for his work with both in 1981. He is a guitarist / keyboard player who was also a former sideman for Murray MacLauchlan. He is primarily known today for his groundbreaking work as an electronic Musician. He plays tasteful electric guitar on Prisoner Of Dreams and was a producer on Funeral, both from the While Dylan Grew Whiskers album.

Eric Robertson is perhaps one of the country’s most prolific arrangers. He has written scores for a number of feature films, made for TV movies, and TV series including Street Legal and Ken Dryden’s Home Game. He was music director for the well known CBC television program The Tommy Hunter Show. As well as providing music arrangements, he played piano and keyboards on World’s Only Mother and ‘ jazz harpsichord ‘ on Prisoner of Dreams.

As well as being a musician / composer, Michael Snook has been a film producer and is presently CEO of WestWind Pictures. He was with the Canadian Broadcasting Corporation for over 15 years and was director of radio for CBC Saskatchewan. He developed the series What On Earth that was broadcast nationally on the CBC for 595 episodes. He is presently a producer for the immensely popular Little Mosque on the Praire. He was both producer and bassist on World’s Only Mother and Prisoner Of Dreams and also played electric bass on Funeral.

Kira Stuckey, a popular face and voice in theatre in the London area (The Mikado et al) supplied the female voice background in the hauntingly beautiful ballad Angie Shine.

Wayne Taylor of Renaissance Productions did programming for the While Dylan Grew Whiskers CD and was also co-engineer.

Nancy Ward-Bartleff (Nancy Ward) has shared the stage with such artists as Gordon Lightfoot and Lions Boyd. She is a multi-instrumentalist who has played with Sylvia Tyson and The Ian Thomas Band. She has released many of her own beautifully crafted songs – Someone To Love Me produce by Francois Dompiere and To The Planters Of Trees produced by Jack Lenz. She has more then once been compared to Piaf because of her emotional intensity and stunning three octave voice. She does some great off the floor scatting in World’s Only Mother and then mimics Moe Koffman’s flute solo in Prisoner Of Dreams.