Ze Cosmo - While Dylan Grew Whiskers - Lyrics
Jef White

He lived the quiet and simple life.
The fisher and the fishers' wife.
His hooks and line, his bamboo cane...
into the warm Brazilian rain.

He'd never heard of Barney Hill
or Spielberg or Believer Bill.
The only dancing lights he'd seen
was moonlight through the mango trees.

Then it came sailing high above the palms.
It crushed the twilight calm.
It stayed from dusk 'til dawn




The chupa pulsed a bloody red
and lasers lit the river bed.
Ze Cosmo's face was masked in pain
beneath the warm Brazilian rain.

He heard them from his hiding place.
An alien tongue without a face.
They left their footprints in the sand.
They left a quiet and simple man.

In the forest another day's begun.
A parrot's wing becomes
a flash against the sun.




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Music and Lyrics: Jef White
Vocals: Roger Lee & Jef White
Vocal effects: Mark Hussey
Acoustic guitars: Jef White
Bass guitar: Richard Knechtel
Produced and arranged by: Jef White
Recorded at Renaissance Productions in Wingham, ON Canada in 1995

Words and music
by Jef White © 1995